Diverse As The Color Wheel: This is What Non-Binary Looks Like

People complain there are more genders than there are Pokémon types. We don’t scrutinize the rainbow for giving us a variety of nuanced shades to color the pictures we see. Getting beyond the binary is not just helpful for trans and queer folks, it benefits everyone.

First, let’s be clear that the non-binary gender spectrum has existed for a long time. Until recently, it’s been a major point in the conversation when people discussed their identities.

Personally, I see gender as forms of energy and not mutually exclusive to specific body type, shape, or reproductive organs. We see examples of assigned men who can be nurturing, compassionate, and even docile. We shame them for not living to the assigned role as “masculine, protector, take-over-the-world, watch sports and put down emotions” type people. Of course, at this point, I am speaking from my experience being assigned male at birth, but having more feminine qualities.

No matter how much you enforce these roles upon me, this doesn’t take away my feminine nature or how much more natural it is for me to be nurturing and patient toward other people, while also demonstrating the stereotypical masculine characteristics.

Looking at me, you might see just a tall black man with dreads. Occasionally, (more than occasionally) I prefer to express myself with wearing dresses and sparkling shoes.

I don’t see my gender as a cage that only allows me to experience a select portion of life. I see my gender as a fluid expression. So please don’t worry about the label or pronouns. I recognize and respect that some people find a very profound sense of power when they find their preferred pronouns and gender identity. As for myself, I accept that people will see what they want. Some people see me as fabulous. Some people see me as someone trying to be different. Some people see me as the radical abomination. But at the end of the day, it’s not what you see, it’s what I see.

I see myself as beautiful and it took me a long time to get to this place. I can rock a suit, but every once in awhile I want to show off these thick beautiful legs the Goddess has given me.

For myself, the pronouns and the labels aren’t for me. They are for other people to get comfortable. I don’t shame my non-binary siblings for choosing to protect their identities – they should. But non-binary is diverse as the color wheel. And that’s what makes it so beautiful.

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